Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

The 1st V commemorative TNN Basketball singlet to be worn this Saturday.

Thank you to all the boys who have so richly represented the College this term in Rugby and Basketball. You have done so, in the best of sportsmanship – from our youngest members in Under 11 and Year 5 through to our Open Year 12 teams. You have represented your College exceptionally well and every boy should be proud of their achievements.

From my perspective, it has been a calm year, both on and off the field. The smooth running of the program is in no small way a direct result of the leadership and mentoring of the two dedicated men in charge – Mr Sam Mackinnon for Basketball and Mr Tyron Mandrusiak for Rugby.

Working significantly with these men and their programs are the hard-working Support Groups, led by Mr Prins Ralston – Rugby and Mr Garry See – Basketball. Thank you to the entire support groups who these men represent – from the set-ups, the pull downs, the manning of BBQs, and the general underwriting of the programs which is exceptionally important and truly appreciated.

Thanks also to the tireless workings of the TLG at Tennyson, manning the canteen. These ladies led by Mrs Melissa Josephson, do this job all year long – through Cricket in Term 1, Football in Term 2, and Rugby in Term 3. Amazing effort ladies – thank you.

Special Help

The TLG desperately need your help – they too have sons involved in Saturday sport and several of them have worked four to five hour shifts every weekend. Please, if you can assist by donating one hour of your time on Saturday, which will be a very busy day, drop in and volunteer. You won’t be turned away. The more hands available make the day go faster. Additional help is required from midday through to 2pm.

TGS Round

We saw great results across the board in both Rugby and Basketball with Terrace winning most games from Year 5 through to Open’s last Saturday in Round 8 of the GPS competition.

The results are a positive measure of the programs depth, development and ongoing progression, well done. The flagship teams in the 1st V Basketball and 1st XV Rugby both secured strong victories, dominating their opponents. Congratulations boys!

In Basketball, the Terrace 1st V are currently sitting in equal fourth place with four wins and three losses. They will line up against a strong and robust BBC this weekend who are currently undefeated. What a scalp that would be, when Terrace takes a win this weekend.

In Rugby, the 1st XV sit in outright fourth position with four wins and three losses. Their opponents this weekend sit in 3rd position, one win ahead. Terrace can climb the ladder into the top three this weekend.

Wishing good play to all teams for the final round of Term 3 sport. It will be a demanding challenge of your skill sets under pressure. Don’t give in!

Thank you to all graduating Year 12 boys this weekend for your leadership and the positive example you continue to set for all Terracians. Continue to be good ambassadors of the College and maintain the integrity you have nurtured over the years in this great College. I hope you have enjoyed your time representing the Red and Black – let’s have you go out proud winners.