Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

The Track and Field Spirit Assembly

A highlight of the last two weeks has been the opportunity at College Assembly to listen to our College Vice Captains, Bill Bingham, Will Cook, Jack Kimmins and Matt Lo Grande as they reflected on their time at Terrace. We were privileged to be reminded of the wonderful array of opportunities that a Terrace education provides, but also that the journey is not always easy. As Bill delivered his speech, he was successful in simultaneously solving a Rubik’s cube, cleverly using it as an analogy for sticking to good processes and working hard to overcome problems along the way. All of these leaders indicated that their journey has not been without its challenges, but they are better for having overcome difficulties at various times. All of them spoke with great passion about their love for the school. The words of grateful, fond reflection from these young men were a credit to them and an inspiration for the rest of our students. As our Seniors approach the end of their time at Terrace, I hope they all take the opportunity to reflect on how fortunate they are, and to show their gratitude through word and action, both at home and at school.

This Friday’s GPS Track and Field Championships signal the end of the year’s sporting calendar and we wish the team all the very best. I have written to families of Year 11 students about their attendance as spectators – it is a great opportunity to put the theory of leadership into action as they encourage our athletes who deserve strong support. Theatresports receives far less recognition, but it is important to acknowledge the efforts of our Junior and Senior teams, both of whom compete in this weekend’s grand finals. Led by Alex Cummins, no doubt they will represent us with pride and we wish them all the very best.

The end of this week signals the halfway point of Term 4 for most of the school, while for Year 12 students, the number of teaching days remaining is in the single digits. The upcoming GPS Track and Field Championships provide a timely reminder of the need to finish strongly; coaches speak of the need to hit the finish line at full speed and students must apply the same thinking to their school year. As with Bill’s analogy above, there is no guarantee that every moment will be easy and enjoyable, but it is important that our young men maintain their enthusiasm and motivation. Our job as teachers and parents is to support them as they do so. My very best wishes to all in the community as the end of year approaches.