Captain’s Corner | Vice Captain, Jack Kimmins

Firstly, I would like to wish a big welcome back to all members of the Terrace Family as we enter Term 4 for 2017.

As this is my final term as a Terracian, I have been thinking a lot recently about how I can make this term count. But, during a session of extensive soul searching, lying in the sun on Cylinder Beach, I came to a realisation: I was late to the party. Six weeks is all I have left, my time left here is short, the impact I can still make is limited. The time to make it count began much earlier not Term 1 Year 12, not Term 3 Year 10, the time to start making it count was the day I first walked through the Rogers Street gates in January 2013.

This is not to say that I am disappointed in the time that I have spent at this school, I have loved my time here, but I am convinced that I could have done more. So, with the gift of hindsight, I now offer this advice to the younger members of our community: your time at this school is shorter than you think, and it is never too early to make an impact. You boys have a voice and a brain, use them. Whether you are in Year 5 or Year 11, you can make an impact on this College, all it takes is a choice.

Even whilst reading this you may be coming up with reasons why this doesn’t apply to you, too young, too busy, too shy. I know these excuses, because I have used them all, so believe me when I say there is always an excuse. The only way you will ever make an impact is if you don’t let these excuses control you. So, moving forward, I implore you to silence those excuses brewing in your mind and make the choice to make it count. If you don’t make the choice now, you will likely reach the final term of your Senior year filled with regret, instead of pride.