Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

On Friday, our Years 5 and 6 students attended the Junior GPS Swimming Championships as supporters, while students from Years 10 and 12 attended the senior session in the evening.  Our community was enormously proud of the swimmers for their commitment, but we were also proud of the spectators, who showed great enthusiasm in providing their support.  It was an excellent display of school spirit and we thank our young men for their contribution.

The Lenten season is the most important time of the Christian calendar and is equally important for us as a Catholic school.  At this time students are challenged to live out the notion of doing something for nothing – serving others with no expectation of receiving anything in return.  Some of the funds raised by each House during the Lenten Appeal will go towards their House Friendship Group and it has been good to observe the creativity behind some of the fundraising ideas.  I encourage students to live out the notion of ‘something for nothing’, not only as part of the Lenten Appeal, but also in their lives outside of school.  

Mobile phone policies in schools have received considerable media attention in recent weeks.  A reminder that our expectation is for students to lock their phone away in their locker upon arrival at the College and leave it there for the day.  This encourages face-to-face interactions, removes the temptation to use cameras inappropriately and takes away one potential distraction in the classroom.  We are always understanding in extraordinary circumstances of students needing to quickly use their phones, but phones used without permission will be confiscated.  We are very confident that this policy is in the best interests of all members of our community and we thank parents for supporting us in our stance.

Our rowers have worked hard throughout the season and this Saturday is the culmination of the program with the Head of the River to be held at Wyaralong Dam.  Whilst there has been much made of this being a ‘bye round’ for Cricket and Volleyball, a large number of students do have games on Saturday and so will be unable to attend as supporters.  Students whose Cricket and Volleyball teams have a scheduled game must honour their commitment and play this Saturday.  For those students who do not have a co-curricular commitment, there is an opportunity to come along and give their support to the rowers.  Due to the nature of the venue, the GPS Association has capped the number of supporters we can send.  Those intending to attend on Saturday must sign up at the Sport Office and are required to wear academic uniform and white shirt.  Please note that the College Akubra hat MUST be worn; Terrace caps are not acceptable and students without an Akubra hat will not be permitted to attend.  Buses will depart from outside the Chapel at 7am and will return by around midday.