Captain’s Corner | Vice Captain, Bill Bingham

On Saturday night Terrace won our first premiership of the year. Regardless of the sport (it was Theatresports) we were victorious. It also symbolised the last time I would be involved in a team representing Terrace.

Leaving the theatre after the victorious display from the Terrace Theatresports team had me thinking of all the times I had been involved in co-curricular activities here. Regardless of the activity, from the annual mathematics competitions to every Saturday morning spent watching or playing, but nonetheless representing Terrace at Tennyson, some of my fondest memories and greatest friendships have been made in these activities. Yet, it wasn’t just doing these activities that I managed to form a love for the boys and Terrace itself, it was also through living the everyday life of a Terrace Gentleman.

In 2012, a younger version of myself was distraught to leave my primary school – I hadn’t even heard the term 'Terrace Gentleman', though I had met a few. I thought I could never feel so at home at a place; of the hundreds of people that I knew at my old school, two were coming with me to Terrace. Coincidentally, those two were my best friends, but it was still a shock to my system nonetheless! During my first week at school I still felt out of it, the person I spoke to most was my buddy, Nic Given. However, this all changed when I went to camp at Maroon in Week 3 Term 1. After forming friendships with my House group on that camp I haven’t looked back. Five years after I was distraught leaving my old school, I think I will be even more distraught to leave my home at Terrace.

Everything I have done leading up to leaving has all been part of forming myself into the best possible Terrace Gentleman. The process set out for us at the school allows us to reach our full potential, you just have to trust it. At the conclusion of Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 watching the Seniors graduate always felt light years away. Yet, now that I am at the end, I wish I could do it all again. Thank you to everyone that read to the end and everyone else that has made my Terrace journey one I won’t forget. We are, and always will be, 18 000 Strong.