College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Educator Impact

Earlier in the year, I outlined our trial process for our teaching staff engaging in a teacher appraisal process using an online tool called Educator Impact, which deploys the teacher standards developed by the Australian College of Educational Research. This trial process concludes this week and has involved numerous teaching staff and middle leaders, along with hundreds of your sons in providing feedback for growth to the participating teachers. Thank you to Mrs Jane Ellice, Mrs Susan Hinton, Ms Samantha Knott, Ms Suzanne Cook, Mrs Loren Serafin-Huey, Mr Luke Gribble, Mr Jim Allday, Mr Damien Coman, Mr James Turner, Mr Terry Thompson, Mr Rob Sweeper, Mr Noel Covill and Mr Mason Hellyer for their assistance with this process. From 2018, Educator Impact will be used to support professional growth for all our teaching staff and also used as a data collecting tool for appraisal processes with our middle leaders as House Deans, Heads of Faculty and Subject Coordinators.

Staff News

Mrs Mary-Jude Hannagan finishes her time as Assistant to the Dean of Waterford this Friday. We thank Mrs Hannagan for her work in this very busy and diverse role and wish her continued health and happiness. Mrs Colleen Watson return to this role later in the term. We look forward to welcoming Mrs Watson back and thank Mrs Ferris for assisting in the meantime.

Mr David Webster, who has been a member of the Waterford teaching team, Acting Magee House Dean, Acting Coordinator of Film and Television and English/History teacher on main campus has tendered his resignation from the College for 2018. Mr Webster and his family are returning to Tasmania. We thank him for his contribution to the life of the College and wish he and his family well.

Mr Michael Beh, Coordinator of Drama has also resigned from the College. Mr Beh has contributed to the College as a former Head of Arts Faculty and in numerous College productions and Theatresports. We thank him for his service and wish him well. Thank you to Mr Darren Collins who has taken over as Drama Coordinator this term.

Mrs Philomena Burke, who is one of our school counsellors has also decided to finish her time at Terrace. We thank Mrs Burke for her positive and committed contribution to the care of the boys, parents and staff during her time with us and wish her well.

As a result, this weekend, the College will commence a recruitment process for several roles for commencement in 2018 including a School Counsellor, Coordinator of Drama and a new school officer role with the College Foundation for a Development Officer. Interviews for the position of English teacher and Economics/Business teacher concluded this week and appointments will be communicated later in the year.