Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

We are now in a transitional time of year.

In schools, this time of year is often associated with the concept of transition, especially for students in our older year levels. Year 10 students are approaching their final exams at Waterford Place and preparing to return to main campus and Senior schooling. Our Year 12 students excitedly look to the future; in just over two weeks, they will become the newest Terrace Old Boys. We have spoken with them frequently about their legacy and the need to finish their journey well. As the Year 12 students prepare to depart, the Seniors of 2018 are accepting the challenge of leadership. They did an outstanding job of providing support for the team at GPS Track and Field on Friday night. I was proud of the way they maintained a high level of enthusiasm as they provided positive support for our athletes. Signs are very good that the student leadership at Terrace is in good hands.

Our Year 6 students are also in their final weeks as primary school students and are preparing to enter the next phase of their learning as they enter secondary school. Parents will be aware of the resource we provide known as SchoolTV (link available via both the College App and the College Facebook). This month’s edition deals with the topic of transitions and how best to minimise the stress on students that is often associated with these changes. I recommend this resource to parents of students of any age.

Periodically, I am consulted by parents about the topic of alcohol and other drugs in relation to their sons. There is a great deal of research to indicate that exposing the underdeveloped frontal lobes of adolescents to drugs and alcohol can have significant negative long and short-term effects. Medical advice is clear – exposure to even small amounts of alcohol should be delayed as long as possible, with the legal age of 18 the earliest starting point. Unfortunately, some young men will look for opportunities to push the boundaries with this, often attempting to justify their stance by arguing that ‘everyone else is allowed to…..’. Of course, this is far from the reality and, even if true, one's parenting standards should never be dictated by others. It can be a tough job, but the ability to say 'no' to our children when we know it is in their best interests, is of great importance and pays dividends in the long run.

Our Year 12 students enter their final exam period next Wednesday, and we wish them the very best at this important time. Houses will have the opportunity to farewell them at their final House Assembly next Tuesday and as a College, we will wish them well at our Valedictory Assembly. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Seniors as they prepare to transition to life after school. Their final days will cement their legacy at Terrace.